Why Do we do what we do for parents?

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Parents today have a clear idea as to what they want their children to become but often do not know how to get them there.  Several aphorisms come to mind:

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink;”

“You make your bed and you have to lie on it”; and

“Kick me, kick me, now look what you have made me do!”

Rudyard Kipling’s father once sent him to see the Viceroy of India with a note that read “What should I make of my son?”  After a couple of days, young Rudyard returned with a note from the viceroy that read, “Do not make anything of your son, he will make himself!” 

When you chose a school what are the four main criteria you judge them by?

1.       Academic instruction and results;
2.       Facilities;
3.       Peer groups; and
4.       Experiences available to students 

In the information overload world today the last two are becoming more and more important and need to be emphasised, yet so many schools neglect the need.

 So do we encourage our youngsters to “make themselves?”

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