Spoiler Alert

It so happens that every August there is a regatta in St.-Malo. People show up from all over the place to race their boats and party. Well, as it turns out, several August ELS crew members (along with some staff) participated. We're still waiting on some pics from the organizers to make a splash, but... it turns out that our two boats came in first and second in their class. One larger boat came in first in the traditional boats race, but because of its size and sail dimensions, it technically falls within a different category. So there it is. Can Will Sutherland teach sailing or what?

As soon as we get the pics, we'll post 'em. In the mean time, congratulations to our August crews!

—So Jane, what did you do this summer?
—Well, I did a little sailing in France and the English Channel and won a regatta in St.-Malo. You?