Leadership, An Evolving Definition

INSEAD, one of France's leading business schools, now has campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, as well as in Paris. Instructive. And it's interesting to read what they have to say about leadership on their web site. Among other things, they assert that it's the ability to lead multicultural teams. In today's world, the skills to motivate and resonate with people from different cultural backgrounds is seen as a non-negotiable requirement for managers and entrepreneurs. In their own words, they want "to provide business leaders with the knowledge and sensitivity to operate anywhere." If you're a student, you should be thinking seriously about moving beyond your own cultural comfort zone. And the sooner the better. Once upon a time, foreign travel was seen as a luxury. Today, in a global economy, it's an important part of an education. If you don't already have plans this summer, we'd love to show you around our amazing neighborhood. We'll provide the transportation.