Along The Way: The Blonde Hedgehogs Of Alderney

Alderney: the small Channel Island with seven beaches and, it turns out, a small blonde (leucistic) hedgehog! Now there are many other things to commend Alderney—50 miles of country lanes and paths, a profusion of wildflowers, beautiful sheltered crescent bays, and several Victorian forts and impressive World War II fortifications. There are also 11 notable site-specific stone sculptures by artist Andy Goldsworthy scattered across the island, all made from local materials. All those things stay put. But then there's the elusive blonde hedgehog. Hedgehogs are common across Europe, but these little critters with cream-colored spines are extremely rare, except on North Ronaldsay and Alderney, where around 25% of the population is thought to be blonde. You'll need some luck, but there's a chance you just might get to see one having lunch beside a path.