The challenges of the modern world

Decadence pic.jpg

Middle-class people today live more comfortably than many aristocrats did a few centuries ago. Our homes may not be as large, but they are comfortably appointed, heated, and air conditioned. We may not have cooks in the kitchen, but we have fresh food to eat year round and a dizzying choice of restaurants to suit any mood or taste. We don't need to saddle up to go to town, and when we move about, we do so in climate-controlled comfort. Many formerly lethal or debilitating diseases are now treatable. We don't need to go to a performance or learn to play an instrument to listen to the music we like. We just hit "play" and enjoy whatever we want, whenever we want. In fact, we can entertain ourselves 24 hours a day with a TV remote control or wireless connection and never leave a comfortable chair. New apps constantly promise to make life more efficient and easier. Life is good. Except... when "too comfortable" can make it enervating. As we insulate ourselves from the natural world and from the arduous tasks people formerly had to perform daily to survive, our bodies grow a little flabby and we cease to develop the skills necessary to push through difficulties. Our sense of self suffers in the absence of taxing, meaningful achievement. 

The ELS is in the adventure business. We're all about great kids, fabulous boats, nature, teamwork, and inspirational "authentic" experiences. There's nothing virtual about our sailing expeditions. We believe challenging adventures build self-confidence and character. We'd love to introduce you to our world, a world where YOU, your talents, and your contributions not only matter, but are essential to the success of an amazing journey to magical places.